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Sell Your Items

We offer our clients several options to sell their antiques, collectables, jewelry, personal collections and other assets of value.

Live Auctions

Advertised and promoted Live Auctions are held locally in a convenient location providing a venue for buyers to attend and bid on your items. Items are sold individually by a professional auctioneer and you are paid within days after the conclusion of the sale.

Online Auctions

Buyers and Sellers alike prefer using Online Auctions because it opens up the bidding to virtually the entire world. Your assets will be showcased and listed for sale and will be viewed by countless numbers of buyers. Your assets will be given exposure that a live local auction cannot match. Online Auctions have become extremely popular in recent years because of the exposure they provide. The audience that an Online Auction attracts is limitless!

Estate Sales

If your assets are better suited for an Estate Sale, we will make all of the arrangements for the sale including the advertising and marketing. We will conduct the sale on your property or at an offsite location that is centrally located and convenient to attract the largest number of buyers possible. These sales usually run for a 2–3 day time period.

Ebay Sales and direct purchases of your assets are also an option.

We are always looking for quality consignments to add to our sales.

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